Summary of Qualifications

  • 20 years of diverse data analysis and coding experience across multiple industries
  • Highly skilled in multiple tech stacks, coding languages, and development tools
  • Experience leading multi-disciplined teams and achieving great results
  • Proven ability to achieve significant value and high returns on data and software projects
  • Rated in the highest tier (top 1%) on Upwork, the largest and most trusted freelancer platform, with over $575K earned and a 100% success rating
  • Received 21 personal awards across multiple companies for outstanding achievements
  • Founded Automational, which specializes in data engineering and custom software development services

What I Do Best


I enjoy collaborating with others and co-creating empowered teams that can solve any problem


One of my biggest strengths is analytical thinking and problem solving


My brain is wired for innovation, and I love to identify ways to implement cutting edge technology and ideas


I'm an expert at automating data processes including the capture, analysis, and presentation of data


I'm great at improving and optimizing processes to save time and money


I'm very good at figuring out how to extract critical insights from complex data sets


  • Data Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Dashboard Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Database Design & Administration
  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Process Optimization & Automation
  • Requirements & Software Documentation
  • Data Reporting Automation

Skills & Programming Languages

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • SQL
  • Python
  • PHP / JQuery
  • Javascript
  • MySQL / PHPMyAdmin
  • Database & Backend Design
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Google Big Query
  • ETL & Data Cleaning
  • Data Governance
  • JIRA, Confluence, Concourse, etc.

Professional Experience

2017 — Present


Dallas, TX

Experience at Automational

Automational is a startup I founded which specializes in data engineering and custom software development services.

Principal Software Engineer

  • Roles:  Founder. Consultant. Lead Developer.


  • Rated in the highest tier (top 1%) on, the largest and most trusted freelancer platform. Profile page:
  • Earned over $575K as a freelancer/consultant on Upwork with over 7,750 completed hours and an 100% client success rating
  • Developed customized automation scripts for several clients that saved 20,000+ hours each year
  • Developed multiple customized websites for clients that provide customer facing dashboards, data analytics and reporting, and process optimization
  • Proven ability to achieve high ROI for clients though development projects

2011 — 2017


Dallas, TX

Experience at Raytheon

Raytheon Technologies is the 2nd largest defense contractor in the United States and specializes in radars, missiles, satellite sensors, and communication technologies.

Senior Systems Engineer

  • Roles: Division-Level Data Automation and Data Analytics Subject Matter Expert. Lead Software Engineer. Lead Reliability Engineer.


  • Received 15 awards for innovation, process improvement, and outstanding performance
  • Selected among the top 1% of employees for an out of cycle promotion
  • Developed over 30 data automation software tools that solved very diverse and complex problems
  • Division-level (Spaces & Airborne Systems) Subject Matter Expert on Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Achieved over 10,000 man-hour savings annually through data automation projects
  • Return on investment for half of my projects was over 1,000% (10x+) within the first year

2011 — 2014

Imperium Capital Investments

McKinney, TX

Experience at Imperium

Imperium Capital Investments  specialized in developing automated software that rapidly identifies current trends in investment markets, optimizes trading strategies based on those trends, and executes automated investment decisions (automated trades) for its clients.

The fully automated software and algorithm developed was able to compete with entire teams of data analysts.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Roles: Lead Developer & Co-Founder of an innovative startup


  • Developed a software platform that reduced a 2,000 man-hour process down to 2 hours
  • Developed an algorithm capable of analyzing FOREX currency data and illuminating profitable investment strategies that are actively being executed by others
  • Developed software which tests any trading strategies and determines optimal take profit and stop loss levels on an hour-by-hour resolution
  • Co-developed software that can auto-trade based on strategies discovered by the algorithm as well as auto-execute optimal take profit/stop losses

2010 — 2011


Desoto, TX

Experience at DIAB

DIAB Group manufactures and markets composite materials and serves several industries including the energy, aerospace, marine, transportation, and defense industries.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Roles: Mechanical & Reliability Engineer. Process Improvement/Six Sigma. Project & Contractor Management.


  • Led a team that redesigned a production line, increasing output by 200%, reducing labor by 66%, and saving $400k annually.
  • Managed a Six Sigma project that optimized a manufacturing process, reducing floor inventory by 50% and product travel time by 30%
  • Developed a strategic plan and cost estimate for rapidly doubling entire site production to 200% capacity within 2 months
  • Achieved over $200k cost savings through reliability improvements to manufacturing equipment

2007 — 2010


Longview, TX

Experience at Eastman

Eastman Chemical Company, formerly Eastman Kodak, is a Fortune 350 company which manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of chemicals, fibers and plastics.

Mechanical Engineer I & II

  • Roles: Mechanical Engineer. Software Developer. Project & Contractor Management. Engineering Reliability.


  • Developed an automated hydraulic conversion tool that saved over 7,500 man-hours
  • Received 6 personal awards for outstanding achievements
  • Selected among 1% of employees promoted during a promotion freeze
  • Led a team that successfully resolved catastrophic failures in a $300M piping system